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Staff Team



Full Job Description

As part of our team you will support the vision and aim of Compass Christian Centre by working across house, activity and maintenance departments, providing a high standard of care to our guests. 

You will assist in ensuring that the provision of housekeeping services to our guests is of the highest standard possible. You will have responsibility for daily cleaning and kitchen duties, working alongside our cook and other team members. You will be trained in basic food hygiene and first aid. 

In addition you will be trained in activities and instruct groups of both children and adults. 

You will take part in ‘Download’ in the evenings, which is our opportunity to present our faith to school groups. In off-peak season you will be part of a maintenance team. 

For more information and a recruitment pack, visit our website: www.compasschristian.co.uk or email:  robynjohnston@compasschristian.co.uk